My son the fanatic

 *I apologize if anyone was offended by my choice of words.* 

Apparently, you may find this whole story evolves around father and a son but, “my son the fanatic” is not just about father son relation. Its more than that.                                       The story signifies tmy-son-the-fanatic-aff-01-ghat lifestyle of those people who left their country for finantional reasons and to provide, good life to their families, have not only adopted the lifestyle of english society but also in an effort to become a part of socitey early, they went one step ahead and in the name of adoptibility and modernism they started violating all the rules set by any decent society.They started diviating from their own basic islamic values,their culture,their ethics and code of conduct,and to prove being more europian than europians they went far beyond and beneath the dignity and honour of mankind. Partying with friends,socilising and having a constant fun with known and unknown people was not actually the reason they migrated and came to England for. Their demands increases and then an expected clash took place between their desires and their religion. This one story highlights so many hidden cases around the globe of people belong to different ethencities, cultures and countries like how they become under the influence of west and started neglecting their values. The fanatic word is consider to be a critisizm towards who is an extreamist. So basically Pervaze used this word not for his son but for the person who as a matter of fact stops Pervaze for doing those deeds, which are considered as an obnoxious and disorderly event. I know so many people like Pervaze, who killed their individuality trying to be someone or something ,they are not. The story further explains that by stepping out of Pakistan, not only Parvez’s character but also his notions, beliefs, idelogies, attitude the religion and his tradiotins everything changed and disappeared from him. When hit the foreign land immigrants like Pervaze keep themselves busy in doing odd jobs that one can imagine. Since, they dont have any family pressure they take benefit out of it and starts doing clubbing, gambleing, drinking, hang out with white women. Normally people who gets involve in such disordlies are more like drivers, dog handlers or guards , in other words they either belong to a lower class or middle class background. The concern of Pervaze about his son is very much normal since he’s not there where his son wants to see him and since he doesnt know the change took place / occured in his son’s mind. The whole conflict starts when he discovers where his son mentally and morally stands.It was very hard for him to digest the change occured in his son personality.When People around Pervaze became aware of a confused father’s problem about his son,and so the hooker Bettina, who was very kind to Pervaze and wanted to take an active and positve part to bring his son back where his father wanted to see him. So, they got togther to find out what was gone wrong with the boy, that turning point of the story came up, and it shook Pervaze up,when his son bluntly accused him for his own disorderly moral character with Bettina, the hooker who had a kind heart and soft feeling for Pervaze and his son just a few moments back, could not take this direct critisicm on her own relations with Pervaze and became furious and jumped out of the car. Islam is the fastest most growing religion in the world. Right one year after 9/11 only in the states of texes, there were three hundread thousand people who embraced Islam and one of my knowing people, who embraced Islam once told us that “the questions I had all of my life after reading Bible about Christianity, got the answer in Quran” From the same token a fresh mind and fresh blood guy was influenced by the other muslim fellow students and those Islamic missions who are working in England. Pervaze and Ali’s story explains that they were from the middle class family and like all other parents Pervaze wanted his son to achieve those objectives set up by Pervaze and wanted to see Ali on high status and it was only possible if Ali never left the accountancy for the sake of religion. There was a big differnece between Ali and Pervaze like earth and heaven. For example Pervaze boycotted his religion under the influence of new country and new values set by his own mind (which were actually not) where as doing parellel things against his father, Ali stood against all those things which were against the Islam. I learned in one of my media class that “When you become an adict of abnormalities,you dont question about several things and consider those abnormalities as a part of your life.” Same was the case with Parvez. Parvez was alarmed to see his son who changed from a normal English boy to a fanatic. The writer carefully selected the word “FANATIC” becaue the word itself has strong religious discrimination which a liberal father used for his religious son. People like Pervaze who have issues regarding the religion, mostly use this “Fanatic” term for the devotees like Ali. And the way Pervaze made fun of Mullas also indicates that how much he detested them by making practical jokes on them with his freinds / other cabbies. The writer Hanif Kursehi has portrayed typical Pakistani and an Indian life standards. Pervaze claimed that these mullas hold conservative thinking and he himself wanted to do something different and out of the box rather than sticking to narrow thinking. At first Ali’s changed attitude made Pervze think that he was on drugs but later Ali proved him wrong. Anyways moving on, Pervzae’s relation with his wife dont seem to be on good terms like against his wife’s wished, he wanted her to change and be fancy since they were living in meteroplotin city and not in rural area. The story basically give us the idea of lack of communication between a parents and kids. Ali started destesting all those activities of his father’s which clashed with Islamic values.

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Is the experience of a virtual community any different from the expereince of a real community?

ThirdEyeGreenManIt never matches, because the real community experiences are based on hard facts, which exist in the society whereas virtual experiences are not based on the real experiences. Virtually we want to see Karachi, Quetta and the rest of the Pakistan living with other communities and sects in peace and harmony but contrarily in real what we see is, that, what we are going through in Karachi, Quetta and different parts of country,like the political upheaval and a constant massacre and bloodshed . These are two different ends of a same line, which are on the angle of a hundred and eighty degrees.

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Devastating impact of cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is considered to be a very hot topic discussed in the socitey. Thousands of people are being victim of such uprising problem every year. I carried out a little research on the issue and i came to know that mostly people are not aware of cyber bullying and some of you must be wondering about it already “What is cyber bullying?” Actually cyber bullying is a harrsement in a dilberate and hostile manner through different means of technology like IM, sms and other electronic devices.Basically the cyber bullying issue is a global probelm,which is also common in Pakistan but it is being neglected and not taken seriously. As a matter of fact, it is a fast growing trend and normally victims can be kids and  adolocents but yes sometimes  young adults can also be targeted. 

14 year old girl from New Jersey reported and expressed her feelings about being bullied.  ” Being bullied over the internet is worse. They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words never hurt me. That quote is a lie and i dont beileve in it. Sticks and stones may cause nasty cuts and scars but those cuts and scars will heal. Insulting words sometimes takes forever to heal”   

It takes place when a particular person is threathened or abused by the other person somehow who psychologically enjoys bullying, when  experience emotional insecuretites.  Cyber bullying can also be a sexual remark,use of hate speech, false rumors on internet and other networks. Investigators discovered that such bullies on these networks sometimes also do the cyber stalking like by finding the destinations of people of various age groups and then they give them trouble in real life. Later the bad impact on the kids, adolocents can be seen when they shows the symptons of depression,lonliness, agressivness,anxiety, alchoal & drug abuse and sucide.The rate of sucides are tremondously rising every day because of particular bullying which in other words known as “Black mailing”. I studied the canadian statistics and it showed that
23% of middle-schoolers surveyed had been bullied by e-mail
35% in chat rooms
41% by text messages on their cell phones
Fully 41% did not know the identity of the perpetrators.
Many years back Sunday Urdu magazines used to publish “Net Batiyaan” and in there they used to tell stories of how innocent people,mostly school girls used to get effected mentally and emotionally and they used to end up by running away from their homes, leaving their parents and family all miserable and with regrets.And so this way parents were also gravely influenced by such harresment in the form of “Cyber Bullying”.Now this is going to be intresting that these days teens and the kids might find their parent’s interference as pain in the neck! which in fact can’t be helped but then again they need to look at the bright side as well.Parents taking such measures basically wants their child to be protected under their wings from such harm which is not a bad thing.The victims of cyber harrasement basically tries to tackle such mischivious activities by their own as they consider themselves “Mature Ones” but sadly,they are unable to handle that intense problem increasing day by day with wisdom and then they end up doing crazy stuff like mentioned above.

Anyways moving on,education can also get effected like majority of effected students drop out of schools and colleges or they may give poor academic perfomance turning them totall nuts when exploited by such scum bags!
To forbid cyber bullies and stalking,eveyone from the middle schools to universities needs to take actions like by reporting and sharing with the authorties and their parents.Some wierdos might find the concept of informing others embarssing but this is quite ridiculous.There is as such no biggie if you share the secreat of being exploited.This way you not only help yourself but also others who are going through the same process.Such retarded activity can be avoided if the victim stop communicating the bully by reporting and blocking them instead of being a scary cat hiding under the bed.According to many teens and young adults cyber bullying can be prevented by three distinct levels that are:
Online Instiutions
Its better to hold public assemblies against cyber bullying and stalking,this way people of every age would generate ideas for their safety measures and also would develop courage and confidence to beat such threats in future and to lead normal lives.
Right after the first world war,for many years German Gastapo,Russian KGB,American CIA, British tuter pole and then Isralie Musad,Indian Raw and other intelligence agencies had a long history of spying agianst each other and planning and stealing each other’s military nuclear secreats.Up until a private NGO published thousands of secreats about CIA and others under the name of “Wiki Leaks” and left the whole world twiching on their explosive and dramatic secreat expose.And American CIA and government officials on one hand started giving deniels on these leaks and on the other hand they went on a hunt of the CEO of this NGO, with the help of other governments.That was a successful cyber attack on Capital Attack,White house and Pentagon’s strong rooms. Recently the same story has been repeated by Chinese hackers,when they went down deep inside of American pantagon and duged out, and opened the red ribbon  files of Pantagon to the rest of the world.Now,it is a proven fact that,after this kind of cyber attack, how long a secreat is going to be a secreat? and where the rest of the world would stand?

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